Getting Started in Architectural Photography

Getting Started in Architectural Photography


Professional photographers and photo enthusiasts alike will totally agree that photography is a truly gratifying work. You feel impressed to capture the beauty of nature, your surroundings and the people around. It will not be very easy to be successful in photography however, with passion and determination it is definitely well worth trying.


One’s success is often based on the form of photography he/she decides on. Aside from the most popular newborn, portrait and wedding photography, you might be shocked that there is also another exciting form of photography that is common among individuals who are interested in architectural models of diverse structures.


Architectural photography is a point-and-shoot type of photography. You'll need to get the best angle to take magnificent images of the ancient structure or interesting building.


Tips for Amateur Architectural Photographers


If you are an aspiring architectural photographer, here are a few steps to help you get going:


1.    Read through or do an advance research about the building or structure you want to take a picture of. It is an old or ancient place, know the history, the former owners and if a permit is necessary before taking a shoot.


2.    Scout the place and know what the ideal times are and in what direction should you position your camera.


3.    Carry wide angle and fish eye lenses. They are among the best lenses for architectural photography.


4.    Bring flash or extra light equipment. It might come in useful especially if the location or place is quite dark. Light is very important in photography so make sure adequate light enters into the camera and helps improve the pictures you take.


5.    It is best to apply abstract style when taking pictures of modern buildings especially if they are near one another. Find the right position before shooting the terrific structure.


If you really like photographing tall buildings or old architectural buildings, then go ahead and pick out architectural photography. Just be sincere about what you do and one day you might get a big hit in the subject of architectural photography.