Welcome my diy car repair blog

I wished to start this blog as a way to help others and also for dokumenting my own results.

As auto repair shops usually overpriced and also overemphasized what has to be taken care of. I have come across that

numerous things you can repair on your own and also for a more affordable rate.

i have actually possessed vehicles for many years though and also at times with a tiny as well as restricting budget. Im not an auto mechanics yet over the years i have found out much when it involves auto mechanics. Mainly via experimentation and helpfull pals. Especially those tiny works that you actually can deal with by yourself, with a little knowledge.

i hope to adress all small repair works that could be done from your house. From replacing wipers to swapping rims on your tires, i also recognize many money conserving pointers and faster ways when it concerns maintainace of your vehicle in everyday life.