Crafts of corn bran weaving technology

Do you know where they came from, that we live in common corn bran when you look at this piece of green fashion, exquisite handicrafts decency from China crafts suppliers? I still remember that my father would give me lots of crafts made from corn when I was a kid. This recalls my memory.


Art fashion fresh corn bran knit, not only can bring you to enjoy the beauty, the spirit of joy, while allowing you to a lot of understanding and of ancient hand-made craft. First, let's come to know about the preparation of corn bran products. Corn bran knit is a kind of maize epidermis crafts processing of raw materials which has become one of the major families of manual sideline some provinces in rural areas just like people to buy salable and personalized keychain in market, especially this year with the gradual implementation of the reform and opening up policy, the agricultural system of a service-oriented revitalization of the rural economy as a guide, animate use of local resources, take all Different cottage industry, change grass into treasure, to increase the income of farm families. Corn acreage in China is vast, rich resources of raw materials corn bran.


Corn bran weaving art is not only the environment an integral part of the whole like the customized commemorative coins in China, and given the environment culture, more people to produce works imagination, enhance the artistic appeal of the work.