Lose Weight FAST: How To Lose 5 Pounds of Pure Fat in 8 Days

Have you ever heard advice like this? “The fastest weight loss will come from adding exercise on top of a healthy diet”“If you cut calories too much your body will go into survival mode. Your metabolism will slow. Then you won’t lose any more weight”.You know advice like that is useless and untrue. If cutting calories too much makes your metabolism slow down and inhibits weight loss, why do starving people lose weight? Have you ever seen a documentary about hunger in Africa?This short, simple, and to the point book gives you an intense diet and exercise plan that will help you finally lose those last 5 pounds in 8 days. You will lose 5 pounds of fat, but of course you will lose some water weight too so the scale will actually look like you’ve lost over 5 pounds. The exercise plan takes a lot of time and the diet isn’t easy , but that’s how you know the program works and is for real. Nothing worth having ever came easy, and losing the last 5 pounds is no exception.