Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

Your furniture is among your biggest expense and upholstery gets dirty quickly, and seems to attract areas and spills. At Kleen Asia Upholstery & Sofa cleaning solution, our technicians are specifically trained to care all fabric & leather varieties. We give extra attention to problem areas and use specialized devices, for more powerful extraction and quicker drying. Our 3 in 1 upholstery cleaning care work as to eliminate stains, dirt spots, dusts, secondly sanitize to eliminate germs, parasites and steam extraction to kill & remove dust mites effectively; and thirdly leaving behind your sofa & smells fresh after cleaning with this deodorizer upholstery. Visit our webite at

We in Kleen Asia emphasize two-step upholstery sofa cleaning kl that is the steam extraction cleaning sofa cleaning malaysia program includes a specially formulated eco-friendly, ph-balanced fiber wash using steam extraction that gets rid of cleaning solution residue best alongside deep-down dirt - leaving nothing at all behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric and sanitize your upholstery or sofa.