Home tuition in Malaysia


Home tuition in Malaysia had become very important in the past ten years. The main reasons for this popularity are the increase in the awareness amongst people for the importance of education and the benefits of the personal tuition or home tuitions. The two things which everybody wants to save in this world is time and money. As a matter of fact both these things are inter connected to each other. Time is money.

The home tuition in Malaysia has many benefits which has become the prime reason for its popularity.

Benefits of home tuition

These are some of the benefits of home tuition

o You can gain full attention from the teacher

o The tutor can specifically answer your queries besides providing a solution your mistakes.
o Helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
o Save the time in travelling and the cost as the tutor is coming to your house.
o Provides you the flexibility as it entirely depends on you and your tutor to schedule the timings.

Characteristics of an ideal home tutor

A home tutor is someone who knows your child more than anyone else in many ways.

o A good tutors should be enthusiastic
o He should always be approachable for consultation.
o He should be confident and positive about the student's learning
o He should be knowledgeable of the desired topics.
o He should be able to provide variety in teaching and learning methods.

Home tuition in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are the famous destinations of Malaysia which offers great opportunities in the field of home tutoring. An ideal home tuition agency in both these famous places provides 1 to 1 and small group tuitions to students.

o The tutors in these agencies have a good track record for grooming the students. These agencies matches the tutor according to the needs of the students especially in achieving better grades in the coming exams.

o These agencies which are highly efficient cover all the levels which include pre-nursery, primary and secondary school in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. These agencies cover all subjects in the kindergarten, primary and secondary level.

o The approximate rates for home tuitions are RM15-30/hr for preschool, RM20-35/hr for UPSR, RM30-45/hr for PMR and RM35-50/hr for SPM.

The importance of home tuition jobs in Malaysia

The home tuitions in Malaysia are very important due to the fast pace of day to day life and the shortage of time. As a result people prefer to employ tutors at home instead of sending their children. This saves time as well as the cost of travelling.

Parents love to see their children gaining knowledge in front of their eyes. Moreover the child gets better attention as compared to traditional coaching.


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