Bring More Joy in the House by Getting a Golden Retriever

Characteristic is one of the things that differentiate one breed to the other, aside from their appearance. If you want to own a dog that is reliable and friendly, then you should choose a Golden Retriever. They do not destroy the items they get that is why the name ?retriever? is quite suitable for these dogs. Each day you spend with them, you will discover what a great companion they are. Rest assured you will not feel sorry having them in your house because these dogs have fantastic qualities.

Retrievers are one of the large-sized dogs. Their coats range from light gold to dark gold shades, and are somewhat wavy. The usual regular height of a female retriever is 55-55cm and 56-61 for the male. Most male retrievers weigh 29 kg to 34 kg while most females could be to 34 kg. They are smart and they love water so much. As compared to other dog breeds, their obedience is incomparable. It is quite simple to train a Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers could only live up to a maximum of about 11 to 12 years.

Their inner coat is thick, which keeps them warm during cold times. Their body is shielded from wetness because of their outer coat. Golden Retrievers love to wander around and discover things. In order to prevent them from wandering far, you should make sure they are placed in places where there are high walls.

Exercise is important for their wellbeing. Feeding is simple because they are not picky eaters, which is advantageous because they are big. Be sure to give your dog 2 hours of exercise daily. You can consider retrieving games as this could be very enjoyable for the both of you. Pay attention to their grooming, to be sure their coat is in good condition at all times. Expect the retriever to shed profusely later in the year during fall or winter.

As for the admirable skills of a Golden Retriever, they can guide blind people, they can hunt, sense, and they can even take part in search and rescue. It is ideal not to give them guarding roles because they are too friendly to attack. They can?t afford harming people. For this reason, experts often advise this breed to families with small children. Golden Retrievers come in several types including British, American and Canadian type.

It is very essential that you take your Golden Retriever to its vets for a regular checkup as they are susceptible to several types of diseases. They should have a yearly general checkup. The most common cause of death among retrievers is cancer. They also get eye problems easily such as cataracts and glaucoma. Heart disease is also a killer of this breed. Just like other aging large-sized dog breeds, they may also have problems with joint problems. Although this is not usual, they also develop skin diseases secondary to flea infestation.

There are still many things to learn about this kind and loving friend. Feel comfortable knowing that they will return your love and care with loyalty. Golden Retriever must be one of the dog breeds you must think of at home.