Marvel Ironman

Name: Gwyneth Kate Paltrow. He is obviously based on a super hero from a comic book. It tells the story of Tony Stark slowly descending into the oblivion that originates from drinking excessively and at all hours of the day. The story of Thor as well as the AvengersThe Avengers movie (and franchise) has, thus far, been a huge hit.

The Avengers. Now, even if this movie is defined not in the continuity of the most reecent Batman movies, that's still where everyone's minds are going to go if they see Levitt as Batman. Profession: Actress.

After collecting many of the gems, the team even manages to carry their very own against Thanos, the gem's previous owner. Marvel), Venom (Mac Gargan, portraying Spider-Man after being given a formula that resets the symbiote to the size it had been in the wedding it possessed Spider-Man), Bullseye (portraying Hawkeye) and Wolverine's disgruntled son Daken taking on the Wolverine mantle. Thor 2 is currently undergoing final editing and will be released in November of 201