Commercial solar case studies

When buying solar for your company, its always fantastic to find other businesses that have implemented commercial solar systems for their business. I highly recommend that you strive to find a solar company which have studies online with the work they have actually done so you may ring the one who owns that business and question them what results they have achieved, plus after this you can also learn more about the solar company to find out if they would recommend them. Over the last 45 years Bob Jane T-marts have been supplying Australian motorists with a total assurance to service. As an independent Australian business, Bob Jane T-marts has a national arrangement of franchised and business owned tyre retail stores stocking an widespread range of tyres for passenger vehicles, 4WDs and light trucks.

Local franchise owner Andrew Bew from the Mt Barker local office has invested in a 15kW solar system granting him to combat their ever increasing power bill.

With 60 X 250W panels facing north on tilts, he will achieve the results needed to make his system a very beneficial investment.

Andrew requested Class A Energy Solutions to install the 15kW, saving his trade 22,995kWh per year in electricity consumption and on top of that saving over 17 tonnes of green house gas emissions.

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