Effect of male enhancement pills African superman

Effect of male enhancement pills  African superman

When you use the pill, you had better follow the dosage we recommend. Here you can have a clear understanding. Dosage of the most popular maleenhancement pill African superman is: one grain of the African Superman Top-Class Permanence Capsule 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse, resulting in supine blood pressure (mean maximum amplitude 8.4/5.5mmHg) drop in blood pressure after taking the next 1-2 hours display, eight hours after taking the placebo group no difference. 25mg, 50mg, 100mg similar effect on blood pressure, it seems nothing to do with drug dose and plasma concentration. While taking nitrate drugs the short (generally within 4 hours of blood pressure returned to baseline), but the interaction between ginseng and lily can produce a significant reduction in blood pressure.

   Target crowd of the most popular male enhancement pill

    African superman:

1. Male adults who are physically weak with a kidney dysfunction,  postpones the time of ejaculation.

2. Short penis, malnutrition, flaccid man

3. Impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction in men

4. No sex desire for your wife, lacking lust man

5. Weak ejaculation and erection is not strong, there is no passion pleasure man

6. Eager to improve the quality of sex intercourse, hoping to enjoy the perfect couple life man

7.Suffering from prostatitis, hyperplasia, hypertrophy, and other diseases man

8. Genital short due to the long-term masturbation , want to promote the growth and second development man.

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