Play bubble football all the time to find an interesting variation

Holleyweb Bubble Ball Team have been doing inflatable bumper ball for adult for 7 years. All the goods are made in our control, so we can guarantee you of stable quality and delivery and very competive price.

Now, we have bubble head football, to be safe, entertaining to watch and cheerful fun: Bubble Football (aka soccer bubble). What is bubble football, you ask? The most vibrant, entertaining, enjoyable to watch, the most secure version of football, the world you've never seen! Inspired by some of football, part of Pillowfight, part vaudeville comedy, mix well, what you get?

So we have come to understand and appreciate different football. If you use "a little bit different," you mean funny, unpredictable, weird, funny, funny, can in fact, the whole lexicon totally mean fun and / or adventurous.
As for football, grass or normal size indoor gymnasium, a referee and two goal. Sometimes, the time is fixed, or shorten the time, or the subject of laughter inability to run after a ball.

Obviously, this is a fun game. Play football all the time to find an interesting variation on the game they love, pushing them to develop a new strategy for passing and scoring, and those who have not played Bubble football this very fun game, it would be a kind of regret. It is a combination of bumper cars, pillow fights and sumo wrestling, and team games and a goal and a ball.

1 Each person participating in the game will wear Bubble Ball, Bubble Ball is made of plastic material, like wearing a protective effect of airbags as carry-guard you.
2 for 30 minutes each game, there are two teams race each other, a team of 3-5 people, a total of 6-10 can play simultaneously play up to not more than 10 people.
3 because there are elements of football, bubbles of the same group of people find a way to put the ball into the other side of the ball bar.
Bubble people 4 knocked the enemy team is entirely reasonable! Please note Bubble bubble can only hit people, not run into the crowd of people!
5 per game after the game, contestants must clean up its own portion of the contact body mounted within the bubble, the organizers will provide paper towels, alcohol spray gun, please wipe the sweat, so the next contestant with clean ball can Oh!
6 We recommend that each participant were carrying large water bottles, added calorie snacks and alternative clean clothes; great exercise because the bubble football, so be sure to take good care of your body!
7 Participants must be at least 18 years of age, height and weight restrictions: maximum 198 cm, minimum 148 cm; weight limit of 96 kg.
8 have any cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, body injuries, claustrophobia, drinking or physical discomfort that day, do not participate!
Bubble Football is so fun!