Washing Your Silk Scarves At Home

Even though most people said that,silk clothing should be cleaned professionally, but I think that we can wash womens scarves by hand to enhance their classic beauty indeed.

Silk is a wonderful luxury item that feels amazing against your skin. It should be kept scrupulously clean so the fiber doesn’t get damaged.While you could take your scarf or wrap or stoles to a dry cleaner it does get costly and all the chemicals used by them really are not good for silk. There is an easy and comparatively inexpensive way for you to wash and take care of your silk at home.

Here are the some steps you have to follow for the safe cleaning of your silk scarves:-

1. Fill a bucket (or a sink can be used for same purpose) with cold water and add about one tablespoon of delicate laundry cleaner and mix. Before you dip the scarf in water, check if there is any stain on it. If you found any stain on your silk then wet the stain and dab some delicate laundry cleaner on it, let sit for about a minute and rub the stain very gently.

2. Put your silk scarf into the bucket and by using your hands, press up and down against the fabric so that the water moves through it. Let it sit in the bucket at least for two minutes.

3. Push the silk from water and drain the water from bucket and fill it with fresh water. Again do the same, using your hands press up and down against the fabric so the water moves through it.

4. Again push the silk aside and drain the water from bucket and again fill it with clean water to rinse. You might have to rinse the silk many times.

5. Now carefully remove the wet silk from the bucket and fold it press any excess moisture from it. Lay the item out on a towel and roll the towel up and press hard so the water is pressed out of the scarf. Unroll the silk from the towel. (Use white towel or you may use an old towel for this because sometimes silk can left some dye so that you don’t mind getting some stains on it.)

6. Take another clean towel, place the silk flat again and roll it up. And this time put it in the refrigerator. For some odd reason this helps the silk dry faster than other method. Do not hang over direct heat or in the sun.

7. Leave it in for half an hour and when you remove it, place it on a flat padded surface to iron it. Do ironing at lowest heat. Place a clean white cotton cloth over it before iron. Don’t iron the edges of scarf because on good silk scarves the edges will have been rolled and they are supposed to be full, not flat.

First time when you wash the silk scarves or other items, you might be taking a little of time. But when you start cleaning or washing your own silk scarves, wrap, stoles and clothes you will find that they come out cleaner and will last much longer than if you take them to a dry cleaner.

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