The Good Wife Says "Goodbye" to Will Gardner...By Bringing Josh Charles Back (Sort Of)

The great Wife said goodbye to Will Gardner approximately a year after the character was killed off. How did they do it? By returning Josh Charles.
Well, by kind of bringing him back.
I am able to state that was Charles' voice chatting with Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) in her head, however his voice. Charles was not ever any of those figures in silhouette. So how exactly did The favorable Wife's Alicia say goodbye to the beloved character? Let us get in it.
CLICK: The great Wife's sneak peek that can allow you to be scream
The episode focused Alicia entirely (read: amazing) as she prepped for any big interview that can make or break her campaign. But she was losing her voice and as a result sounded just like Marge Simpson. While looking to rest her voice and are avalable track of the answers to her big problems—Louis Canning's (Michael J. Fox) wrongful eviction suit, Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) funding her PAC, Grace (Makenzie Vega) questioning god and Zach's (Graham Phillips) girlfriend's abortion—Alicia's mind wandered. Rrt had been by far the most insight we've gotten into Alicia since Owen (Dallas Roberts) appeared and now we saw Alicia and Will retell events in "Your decision Tree" and yes it was glorious. The primary takeaways:
Obviously the Kalinda and Peter (Chris Noth) fantasizes/thoughts were done with a reason. It has been countless episodes because the two characters shared a scene together plus the Kings are clearly stating that Alicia can still not move forward away from the betrayal she felt when she found out about Peter and Kalinda's tryst. She still associates them together, she actually is still wounded through the act that predated her friendship with Kalinda. Still hasn't stopped me from hoping each will share one final scene before Archie Panjabi leaves the series. The friendship between two characters was among the best parts of the show's early years.
Alicia wanted to only stick it to Louis Canning. Seeing her take him down in their own mind only agreed to be great. However when he took a turn for the worse, Alicia traveled to a medical facility. This may be it for Louis Canning.
Zach along with the abortion really rattled Alicia just as much as Grace and her Christianity. Will she repair her relationship with Zach?
And "Will?" Yes, I was screaming inside my TV when that bank card ad played over the internet. Weren't you? Alicia finally got closure for herself. After fantasizing about Johnny (Steven Pasquale), Finn (Matthew Goode) and may. The very fact she being considering Johnny and Finn in a very sexual manner seemed to surprise her, almost make her feel guilty. But she talked things out with Will's ghost in her head and said goodbye to him. She's ready to advance.
"Your voice sounds better."
"I'm finding it."
Gasp count: Countless, particularly when Alicia heard Will's voice and Peter and Kalinda's scenes.
Some other things:
Basically every one of Alicia and "Will's" interactions were gasp-worthy and pulled in the middle strings.
"I am not saying here."
"It seems like you."
"I'm not sure what I'm doing. Things are all falling apart."
"You're strong, you'll hold it together."
"Goodbye, Will."
Alicia's face when Louis Canning's wife said he was always caring about other people was perfect.