In a healthy body - healthy mind!

Good nutrition - is an indispensable weapon against metabolic diseases. It ensures proper growth and functioning of the organism, the proper functioning of cells and increases vitality. If we know well and be able to properly use the nutrient sources can be avoided in the lives of many diseases.

How absurd prejudices as totally unjustified and harmful habits intrudes on nutrition, how thoughtless disregard for one of the most important issues of human existence. Many people do not consider the subject of nutrition for the serious scientific research, believing that good nutrition depends only on the number of products. Naive people!

It is known that ancient thinkers devoted entire treatises medicinal properties of various types of food and reasonable consumption. In nutrition they saw a source of health, strength, vitality and beauty. These observations have not lost their significance until today and found scientific evidence and the development of modern science of nutrition.

Nutritional science - the science of turning food into energy in the human body and the structure of the human body, the study of the fundamental laws of life of the organism. That is why it is so important to understand the rules of good nutrition.