Remote Tech Support During Vacation? Not A Bad Idea

Don’t think computer issues can bother you while you are holidaying? Think again! You could be troubled by PC woes too… luckily, tech help is just a call away…

Last year while I was vacationing with my family in Australia, my laptop crashed. I was unable to do anything with it. Even the basic troubleshooting measures that otherwise work, seemed to fail when I tried implementing them. I was frustrated but since I didn’t know who to trust in an unknown land, I decided against visiting a local tech support vendor.

One day while we were dining in the hotel’s restaurant, I just got chatting with another vacationer. I shared with him how my laptop had crashed and that I was very upset due to that. That guy suggested that I could check online for help as he felt remote tech support was a great thing and handy especially for vacationers. I didn’t know whether or not I should trust him… but eventually I did.

I used my wife’s notebook to look online for tech help and came across different forums, DIY videos and tech support firms who claimed they were affordable and instant. I wasn’t sure about whom to trust and spent one whole day looking for reviews that I could rely on. As it is I was upset and sulking and my wife thought it was better if I could figure out about my laptop fixes rather than accompany the family on the day’s sightseeing trip and spoil their mood as well!

Yeah! Things can damage so much… I learnt it from the trip.

Anyways, I took it upon myself to find out the best fix and connected online with a few vendors who offered tech support. I tried three of them and none could fix the issue on my laptop. As a last resort, I called iYogi. I had read about this organization online and while some reviews were negative, I found that many customers were happy too with the services they got from these people.

I decided to test my luck and while keeping fingers crossed, I called iYogi. I was put through to a technician who I explained the condition clearly. He asked me just a few questions and I instantly understood that they were very valid and crucial in helping him understand what could have possibly gone wrong with my laptop. One of the first questions he asked me was whether I tried to connect to an insecure internet network, anytime during my travel. When I answered in affirmative – bingo – he claimed that it could be a possible virus attack.

My heart skipped a beat when he announced that it was indeed that! I mean there was so much at stake that I could lose due to the virus. I was angry myself at being so foolish.

The iYogi technician patiently worked on my laptop – booted it in the safe mode, loaded all the applications that were safe and identified the malware and removed it from it. In just a few hours, my laptop was at its best and so was my mood.