Meal Measure 1 Portion Control Tool

Meal Measure helps you manage your weight, one portion at a time. It is easy to use and measures your food right on your plate. Meal Measure fits most dinner plates. The cavities of the Meal Measure are labeled vegetable or fruit, startch, and protein. Each Meal measure cavity is one cup at the top with a one-half cup line inside. The protein portion is equal to the size of a deck of cards. Meal Measure follows the USDA My Pyramid serving sizes and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

I really had no idea how much I was overeating until I started using this.It is easy to use and cleans right up! I bought this because you can use it on top of your pottery or china plates. You set it on top of the plate, load the food, them remove it. This is especially important at holiday meals. I want to be able to enjoy the food, without gaining the average 7 pounds predicted between Thanksgiving and New Years. It is too grueling trying to take the weight off afterwards. This allows me to eat sensibly. One of the best products for people who are overweight or diabetic. It really has helped me in my diabetes management. This is great to use when you are dieting or need to figure out what is a portion size meal to put on your plate. This is the best yet. I have lost 15 pounds using meal portions. If you are dieting or trying to eat the right serving size, then this product is for you. Measures your proteins, carbs and veggies all at one time. Then just lift and there you have it!! I received the product and I am satisified with my purchase. I recommended it to anyone that is trying to watch the portions they eat because the meal measure is very useful. This is a marvelous tool for teaching yourself, or your children, dare I even suggest your spouse, the proper proportions for meals. Very handy, easy to clean. I highly recommend this portion control item. You will quickly discover that the portions you were once use to are the reason why you kept packing on the pounds. Plus it will remind you to eat your vegetables and your fruits which so many of us leave out.