Teeth Whitening Coffs Harbour

Teeth Whitening Coffs Harbour

Tooth discoloration can be caused by several reasons.

Here are some reasons.


  • Beverages like coffee, tea, colored cool drinks, wines, and some vegetables and fruits like apple and potato can make your teeth yellow.
  • Chewing of tobacco causes discoloration of teeth.
  • Bad brushing habits can also make your teeth look yellow.
  • Some oral diseases also effects the outer most part of the teeth which is called as enamel and the underlying substance under enamel called as dentin can causes tooth discoloration.
  • Some medications and some of the material used in dentistry can also make your teeth yellow.

Essential tips to brighter your teeth

Some homemade remedies are also there to brighter your teeth naturally like good practice of brushing and using teeth whitener tooth paste and reducing in consumption of color beverages and cool drinks. Regular checkups are done at Teeth Whitening Coffs Harbour regularly.


Family Dentist Coffs Harbour

Oral health is also very important as physical health. To have good oral health one should have good brushing habits and should have taken care nicely. Always should have Regular oral checkups at Family Dentist Coffs Harbour.

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