The road for plywood industry development

Plywood industry has a relative long time development in domestic. After nearly three decades historical heritage, the industry is now maturing as a whole. To some extent, plywood supplier in China has a long challenge path for the whole industry’s development.


In the gradual cooling trend for the market, the flooring company has busy in the development mode transformation and change toes, such as product innovation, channel widening, changing marketing, and brand building. However, there is the problem we should pay high attention to. Some of suppliers have apart from the user community and away from the market demand. In the wind of change blowing in the floor of the market, many companies believe that only their own floor changes which will create a new market and adapt to the current flooring industry trends. In fact, if you are block boards wholesale China, you will find that it is not at all. On the current market, the consumer is always the first one as he influenced the fate of flooring business. Flooring business transformation, O2O exploring, a series of actions to widen the channel, all these are for the consumer's change. Throughout the whole flooring market, most flooring companies rarely think about the following questions. They know how to sell products, but don't know how posited consumer groups accurately. All of these questions will make them have no touch and interact with consumers. And there is no way to promptly and timely change based on consumer demand.


Sometimes because of these communication problems, even the customers want to buy best mdf wood in China, they don’t know where to buy it. So we should think about this question