The Very best MP3 Players According To Testimonials

Apple iPod nano Ideal MP3 player overall. This salient website has many refreshing suggestions for when to engage in this viewpoint. (2GB, est. $200)

The iPod nano is only about -inch thick and weighs 1.5 ounces. According to testimonials, the iPod nano tops all other MP3 players in reference to style, sound quality and ease-of-use. By employing flash memory as an alternative of a tough drive, it has no moving parts, making it a far better selection for the health club than the full-size iPod it also contains a lap counter. The 2GB nano, which stores practically 500 songs, is Pc and Mac compatible. Despite the widespread raves for the iPod nano, critiques and owners say it scratches quite effortlessly, and that employing a protective case is a necessity instead of an selection.