Carpet Cleaning Hamilton


Vacuuming is not enough! Dirt and grit deep in the pile can wear away fiber and take years of life from your carpet. ONLY a professional in-home truck mounted steam extraction will remove the deep dirt and grit. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses a soap solution that is sprayed onto the carpet and then is lifted out or extracted removing the soap, water and dirt. Despite the name, steam is not even used in the process. Of all the cleaning methods available to you, this is by far the best, and when properly done will produce the greatest results

The facts about in home carpet cleaning Hamilton.
There are many different ways of cleaning broadloom carpet. The best however is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This is the technique recommended by the major carpet manufactureres like Shaw, 3M and Stain master. This technique uses an environmentally friendly soap solution sprayed onto the carpet. The soap is then extracted along with all water and dirt which has accumulated in the carpet. Of all the cleaning methods available, this method will yield the best results. About our process Our technicians will arrive at your home or office and first pre-spot any problem areas,. Next they will move the furniture that can be moved, clean the carpet, replace the furniture. After we leave it should take about six to twelve hours for the carpet to dry.


What to expect during a carpet cleaning visit

1. Before we arrive
-There is little you need to do to prepare for our work. Only remove any fragile or valuable items from the rooms to be cleaned.
-We will do the rest, including move furniture on the day we arrive.

2. Cleaning day!
-We will arrive at the designated time. -We first inspect of the rooms and items to be cleaned, taking note of soiled areas or traffic patterns.
-Discuss the