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How To Set Up A Miniature Reef Tank, A Short Informative Note

Thanks for the question. Both of these fish are extremely hard to keep unless you are very experienced with sensitive fish. The ones we sell at Blue Zoo Aquatics have been through a pretty extensive quarantine process before they are released for sale, meaning that when they reach you, they are eating well and disease free. Nonetheless, you still have to worry about these tangs breaking down with parasites and infection.

As I mentioned above, 90 gallons, in my opinion, is a tad small for this genus let alone these species. If you get one that is no bigger than our medium size, you should be okay for quite a while, but you will need to provide this fish with a bigger tank eventually. The Achilles Tang is considered a nervous swimmer, as it frequently paces back and forth. Not providing a large enough space for this tang to move around in will likely see a very short life span.

There are lots of exhibits to explore at The Florida Aquarium. There is the Wetlands section where you can see animals like otters, birds, and alligators. In the Coral Reef sections you can find penguins that have a little show at the Penguin Promenade daily at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and the last show is at 3 p.m. The penguin show was a huge hit for me and my family, and it was our favorite part of all the exhibits to see. The Ocean Communion section is a great section to see such things like octopus and clown fish. The Bays and Beaches section is cool to see because it has over 20,000 animals and aquatic plants.

Blue Tangs may associate breeding cycles with lunar cycles in the wild, Males and females have similar coloration, but females are larger than the males. In the wild a pair releases sperm and eggs near the surface of the water. There are no reports of