How To Ensure Your Craigslist Image Ad Is Never Flagged

Everybody knows that pictures are powerful. So powerful are they that they can make the difference between sensational success and dismal failure for any advertisement on a site like Craigslist. After all you have heard it said that a picture can speak a thousand words.

With the right picture for whatever product or service you are promoting on Craigslist, you can attract many more customers than you would ever have done with a mere text advertisement that has no picture.

Now add to that the fact that a vast majority of people who will see your online ad will end up viewing it on a smart phone. We all know that on smart phones text is sometimes not very legible or clear, depending on the design and choice of fonts. And even when the text is the right size and clear, it will certainly not have quite the same impact it would have had in say a print advertisement. A good picture is a whole different ball game when viewed on a phone. The clicks on your ad have a much higher chance of happily getting out of hand and delivering a huge response.

There is yet another very good reason why you should favor an image ad or flyer on Craigslist over text. And that is the issue of duplicate content which many text ads frequently get into trouble for. Image ads with text on them can hardly be flagged for duplicate content and so they are definitely the way to go.

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