What women really want in men

What women really want in men

Women and men. They are so different. But they can not exist without each other. They are made for one another. But sometimes they do not understand each other. What man should expect from a woman? What kind of men  the woman wants to see next to her?

Here it is an age-old question. What woman really want in men?

The big money, cool car, strong biceps, flat stomach or beautiful eyes. This is all of course very attractive. But we will focus on some of the character traits and feelings. Forward.

Love. True love.heart

Of Course. The first thing what woman wants from a man is love.  She wants to love and be loved. She wants to understand and experience true love. This is difficult, but the most beautiful and unearthly feeling.

A man should be gentle, affectionate, understanding. The mutual understanding is the key to a strong relationship.

Faithfulness and devotion.

These qualities women value most. They always hope that their man is faithful to his beloved. Women need to know that. Do not forget about them. Men, make a declaration of love to your women, give flowers and gifts for no reason. A woman needs to know every day that you are there and enjoy it.

A little bit of jealousy.

A little bit of jealousy never hurts. Women love attention. So light  jealousy for them is a sign of affection men. But no need to overdo it. Woman doesn't like that. Blind jealousy can lead to the end of your love.

The man is the defender.

Woman just needs to be protected. She wants to see a strong man beside her. Leader in life, the winner at heart and of course the brave soul. He  is afraid of nothing. And woman ... She wants to be weak, wants to obey his hero. If not always, but sometimes you want to be powerless. But man should be a man. And he must understand the real woman.


Women appreciate in men humor and wit, because self-confident men know how to joke. A hesitant and confused afraid to laugh at themselves. Women want to have fun and laugh with a loved one. Let it be a humorous movie or TV show, anecdotes from the life, or fun pastime together.

The smile on the woman's face is the key to success.

 Mutual interests.

Women love to talk. And it's no secret, and if there is something to talk about.  And even with your beloved man, so it means a lot. Women and men should have mutual interests. It can be music, books, paintings, and there may be a joint hobby.  You and he for example like to grow flowers or weave different things from beads, etc.

Joint avocation or just talking really bring people together. Therefore, women want a man with whom there is something to talk about.


And finally - the romance. Woman expects from a man the most beautiful and unusual marriage proposal. This may be her childhood dream of a princess in a white dress and a prince on a white horse. Or maybe something extreme. Skydiving or climbing a mountain. Or romantic huge yacht which sailing on crystal clear ocean. And on it sound the words of love.

Men, love women. After all, they love you.

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