Main Reasons Why Golden Retriever are Well-known

Every breed of dog has its own unique qualities. A Golden Retriever is the best option if you want to have a dog that is friendly, dependable, trustworthy, kind, and confident. They do not damage the items they get that is why the name ?retriever? is quite suitable for these dogs. Try to learn more about this one of a kind champion. Everyone who decided to get this dog is glad with their decision because they are quite awesome.

Retrievers are quite big. These breed of retrievers are known as golden because their fur are dominantly gold. A male retriever?s average height is 56-61 centimeter while females are 55-57 centimeter. The male retrievers weigh around 29kg to 34kg. Females, on the other hand, are much lighter with a scale of 32kg. These smart dogs like to play on water often. As compared to other dog breeds, their obedience is incomparable. It is quite simple to train a Golden Retriever. This Golden friend of yours has 11 to 12 year lifespan.

Their inner coat is thick, which keeps them warm during cold seasons. Their outer coat will also protect them from getting wet. Do not forget that Golden Retrievers have the tendency to roam around. In order to prevent them from wandering far, you should make sure they are placed in places where there are high walls.

It is important that you take them outdoors for exercise. They like to eat any type of foods and considering they are large in size, this is helpful. Two hours of exercise is enough for a start. They love retrieving games, which is an enjoyable way to exercise your retriever. Making sure that they are properly groomed is essential because they often shed a considerable amount of hair. They tend to shed profusely during fall and winter.

Their abilities to hunt and sense things are not the only things that are exciting about a Golden Retriever because they can also help the blinds and help in a search and rescue operation. It is best not to give them guarding roles because they are too kind to fight. It is not in their nature to hurt a person. This is one of the most child-friendly dog breeds. Depending on your choice, you may choose either for the British, American and Canadian Golden Retrievers.

Regular vet visit is essential if you own a Golden Retriever because their susceptibility for a wide range of diseases is very high. To guarantee that your dog is healthy, an annual checkup must be done by its vet. A huge percentage of the mortality rate of retrievers is due to cancer. Glaucoma and cataracts are the conditions that affect their eyes. Another kind of condition that can kill them is heart disease. And because of their weight, they usually build up joint diseases as they age. Although this is not usual, they also develop skin diseases secondary to flea infestation.

This astounding dog breed is one of the best animal buddies, and there are still many things you need to know about them. All your care and attention to this dog will be worth it. Everyone in the family will certainly adore having a Golden retriever at home.