How to make Xanthan gum fully dissolved

How to make Xanthan gum fully dissolved

Xanthan gum in most water based phase system is completely dissolved,but because it has a highly hydrophilic, if the direct entry into the waterwhile stirring is insufficient, the outer layer water swelling into a micelle, so in order to prevent water entering in the layer, thereby affecting the role of play,so we must pay attention to the proper use of it.


Take a xanthan gum with ten or more copies of other dry materials, such as food production of sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt and other objects to mix well, then slowly pour in the mixing of the water, soak about two hours, and continue to stir until completely dissolved. Xanthan gum can be dissolved in cold water and hot water, with high viscosity, high acid,alkali, salt properties, high thermal stability, suspension property,thixotropy, etc., are often used as a thickener, emulsifier, suspending agent, stabilizer, and has a broad market prospect, widely used in dailychemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, enhanced oil recovery, textile,ceramics, printing and dyeing and other fields.


Xanthan gum is a food thickener that is used in commercial food production. From 1906 to 1995, with the help of a research team at the United States Department of Agriculture, is credited with the invention of xanthan gum. Then they had come up with it while trying to decompose cereal grains.

Xanthan gum is used to thicken and add texture to many processed foods. It results from fermenting sucrose or glucose with Xanthomonas campestris bacteria. Xanthan gum is most frequently found in commercial products, such as salad dressings, prepackaged sauces and glazes, where it prevents separation and settling of suspended ingredients, resulting in a more attractive product with a longer shelf life.


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