Introduction of low temperature deep freezer

Introduction of low temperature deep freezer

Qingdao Combi Medical & Laboratory Products Co., a leading deep freezer and laboratory refrigerator manufacturer in China.

Low temperature deep freezer offers a wide variety of research and storage applications, such as low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of plasma, biomaterial, vaccine, biomedical product and testing low-temperature-resistant properties of military products. It is suitable for research institutes, electronic industries, chemical engineering industries, hospital, sanitation and anti-epidemic stations, university laboratories, and military industries.


According to our research, the life span of a deep freezer averages eight years. So, factoring in our cost per year, the cost of owning and maintaining the deep freeze is about $130 per year, or about $11 a month.


This means that for the deep freezer to be worthwhile, we have to get $11 or more in savings per month out of it. What are our possibilities?


To put it simply, if the cost of an appliance doesn’t save you money month over month, then don’t buy it. A washing machine is well worth it for almost everyone, for example, but a deep freezer merits some evaluation of your own lifestyle. Spend the time figuring the true monthly cost of the unit – and whether or not it will save you money (or your health – or a lot of time) over the course of a year. This analysis will reveal pretty quickly whether the unit is worthwhile or not.


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