Submit Your Websites Url To Chinese Search Engines

It is certainly true that the Internet is dominated by the Englsih language it has been estimated that 75-90 of most Internet pages worldwide are written in English. But surprise, surprise, the worlds No. For another viewpoint, please consider having a glance at: 1 language in terms of quantity of native speakers can be the most difficult to see Chinese, with about three times as many native speakers (and visitors) as English. China has the 2nd greatest amount of Internet users in the world, behind only the United States, and its Internet market is among the worlds fastest-growing. Moreover, its buoyant economy is difficult to ignore. Annually thousands are included with its relatively wealthy middle class.

Youd be surprised at just how many Chinese could read English they are small in proportion to total citizenry, but large in number. You could also be surprised at just how many Chinese yuppies (Chuppies) carry Mastercard and Visa.

Have you got a product which may sell well in China? Thats an arduous question to answer, but as a one-sentence primer: rich Chinese gravitate towards any product with name-brand appeal, snob appeal, or that's closely associated with america (sarcastically dubbed the Mickey Mouse Syndrome by jealous financial opponents). You cannot afford to ignore China, if you are going global. And if your company includes a internet site, it ought to be searchable in China. Identify further on our favorite partner article by browsing to surfline.

Following will be the URLs for site submission to ten Chinese search engines. The sites are published in Chinese, but anything is possible, if you can get past the language barrier

Top Asian Search Engines

1. Baidu:

2. Sina:

3. Sohu:

4. Bing China:

5. Google China:

6. Sobao:

7. Visit to research how to acknowledge this view. Tianwang:

8. China-Holiday:

9. Wangluobing: e

10. Sunwukong:

The initial six of the foregoing are major players, but the rest are limited and could well be out-of business by the time you read this (then again, you never know).

Happy hunting!.