They have the initial encounter in the Fifa globe cup 15

According to the reports, most players reflect that they have the initial encounter in the Fifa globe cup 15.And they believe that the team items is one important aspect which leads to this amazing encounter.What's the team items?In Fifa globe cup 15 , the team items have four kinds. They are the offers,the badges,the paintballs and the domains.The kitsThere are five kinds. They are house offers, away offers,third offers,classic offers and worldwide offers. Usually, every team must have one effective house kit and one effective away kit.

You can decide which one you want to use before every coordinate, regardless of whether you are enjoying at house or not.The badgesEvery team must have an effective logo. It is the one that will be proven on the beginning pc animation of every coordinate, every stop and all options of the encounter method.You can choose to use the logo of your team option in the real globe anticipating an additional motivation but it will use off after a couple of suits.The ballsEvery team must have an effective football ball. It is the one that will be used in house suits.In fifa 15, there are 38 paintballs.They have different colors and weights, and they act in a different way from each other.

 For example,the lemon paintballs and especially the light red ones are the best to perform in any the elements, as they are visible both in the rainfall and in the snowfall. However, the white paintballs are not recommended to perform in the snowfall.The stadiumsThere are 73 domains in the Fifa globe cup 15.The most well-known FUT 15 domains are the owners of top groups, like Camp Nou, Anfield and Old Trafford. And the King Fahd International Floor is a inexpensive stadium, without rainfall, snowfall and dark areas.