What Is Under Hair?

What Is Under Hair?

Two or more rows hair extensions are knot on the edge of the scalp side under the base.  This will hide the edge of the base.  Then the base perimeter will be more natural and hard to be detected.  Under hair usually be made on front of the base only or side & back only or entire perimeter or made to baby hair.


Under hair usually could be applied on PU material.  PU material is less natural than other materials and easier to be detected on perimeter. Another side, under hair has a bigger and clear knots, it need the base not too thin and transparent. PU material just is that. So peoples like making under hair on PU material.


Under hair can not be applied on most of lace and thin skin materials.  Beacause they are very thin and transparent.  The knot of under hair will be easy to be detected on it.


When we receive the customer’s order of hair system, we need to confirm every details of this order. Then if all specifications are confirmed, we will start production of the order as soon as possible. However, sometimes customers would like to make some change or modification on the order after the order is started production already. Even sometimes, they want to make change after several weeks.


So we have to let customers know when and how to make the adjustment after the order have already been in production.


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