The Proper Casting Processes

The Proper Casting Processes

The sand casting of any object in foundry workshop starts with the pattern making process. The pattern can be made of woods, plastics or metals. In Nigeria, the most widely used pattern by students in Metallurgical Engineering department is those made from wood. The question is: whose function is it to make these patterns? Who makes pattern used in foundry workshops. The answer is: the pattern makers make patterns. It is when these patterns are made that casting will proceed. Remove pattern from sand casting and precision casting in engineering seizes to exist. In the other words, without pattern, there will be no casting process.


This is very same process that they make your car's engine, that ring on your finger, or your expensive wrenches in that tool box in the garage. Why pay some one else to do it when you could do it yourself?


Imagine the thrill of showing everyone you know that:

-Special motorcycle intake box that you cast and polished
-Necklace charm that you made and set the stones
-Hand made cabinet drawer pulls that you  sand casting
-Tool that you always needed but no one ever made
-Fixing that broken trim piece on your car


What about all of the things that sculptors do with bronze and aluminum?


For that matter, melting down your own pop cans and car wheels for the aluminum and becoming your own recycle station.


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