What is Heat Shrinkable Sleeves?

What is Heat Shrinkable Sleeves?

Heat shrink tubing, also known as heat shrinkable protective sleeve, providing insulation for wires, cables and wire terminals. Has low shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation corrosion, etc., are widely used in a variety of wire harnesses, solder joints, inductance insulation and metal pipes, rods rust, corrosion, etc.


Flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, insulation, heat resistance, heat shrink tubing is a special polyolefin heat shrinkable sleeve material, but also called EVA material. 


When the first  heat shrinkable sleeves out in 35 years ago, polyethylene pipe coating started to replace the asphalt or tape in the oil and gas industry coatings. At that time, polyethylene make the new technology set of support treatment, with sleeves adhesive is roughly the same as those used in the pipeline coating.


The technology used to make the sleeve has advanced significantly since then, with the cross linking polyolef in pad and a new generation of adhesive, the new  pipeline provides performance set tougher conditionsated


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