Agricultural machinery subsidy landing, Industry 4.0 re-policy support

Agricultural machinery subsidy landing, Industry 4.0 re-policy support

Agricultural machinery: Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "2015-2017 agricultural machinery purchase subsidy implementation guidance," re-development of the industry policy support. Land transfer will accelerate agricultural industry has brought four major changes: mechanization rate increase, agricultural structural change (farm size, features), agricultural finance and agricultural information (agricultural electromechanical providers) acceleration. Recommended Jianghuai Engine, Yoshimine agricultural.

Robotics and Automation: Ministry issued "two deep integration of raw material industry promotion plan (2015-2018)", leading enterprises usher in a historic opportunity for development. Industrialization, information technology industry were 3.0, 4.0 core content industry, promote two of the depth of integration is based on the existing through the use of industrial robots, the Internet industry, big data, sensors, cloud computing and other technologies to further enhance the automation of production processes , digital, intelligent. Recommend Hyderabad control, star technology, robotics.


The introduction of new technology and equipment agricultural experiment accelerated. Combine Harvester technology mechanized cotton, rice and onion harvester broadcast technology, unmanned remote plant protection machine, intelligent networking equipment, such as the new precision seeder new technology and equipment in the city to carry out the test, in which precision sowing corn, rice and dry live, green onions and other mechanized harvesting techniques experimentally obtained initial results for further demonstration of the foundation.

Agricultural safety supervision work to a new level. The city's agricultural safety supervision comprehensive free, total agricultural supervision fees waived more than 100 million. Registration rate of agricultural inspection rate and rate of licensed drivers were 90.3%, 67.2% and 86.4%, among the nation's advanced ranks. Jinghai County, was named the national "safe agricultural" model county, becoming the Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baodi, Chittagong city and Jixian Section 7 demonstration counties.


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