This Is Big. Monster Large. 103 Inch Panasonic Plasma Television

The newest Panasonic 103 inch plasma television has gone out. The TH-103PZ600U with 1080p potential will have an SRP of $69,999.95 and is expected to be accessible for distribution over time for Christmas 2006. A three-year in-home limited warranty, unprecedented will be also offered by it on the market.

In flat panel displays, plasma has technical advantages over other technologies, including LCD, when it comes to making greater size panels. Nevertheless, there are numerous technical problems in making lcd sections that are bigger than 100 inches measured diagonally while maintaining stable release and high picture quality across the whole surface of the screen.

Panasonic has over come these technical hurdles by creating a new rib and phosphor for these tremendous large sections. A ib separates each fuel cell and prevents interference between adjacent cells to make clear pictures. The 103-inch 1080p plasma panel, equivalent to four 50-inch panels in dimensions, features steady and uniform release, giving exactly the same correct images from the center to every corner of the screen and perfection while the current 50-inch HD product (TH-50PX500). The section contains Panasonic's 1080p HD high-speed pixel drive. If people claim to be taught more about macbook air 11 inch case, there are many online resources you might consider investigating. Exactly the same high-speed pixel drive is used in the TH-65PX500 65-inch 1080p Plasma TV, which has been well received in Japan since its introduction last November, and the 50-inch 1080p Plasma introduced at CEATEC JAPAN 2005 in October 2005. Macbook Air Case 11 Inch contains further about the purpose of it.

Stunning widescreen progressive display is provided by the TH-103PZ600U featuring full HD pixel resolution of 4,096 equivalent steps of gradation, a ratio of 4,000:1, and 1,920 horizontal x 1,080 vertical. Its successful present area is more than 89.3 wide by over 50.2 high. The super-size 103 1080p screen is equivalent in size to four 50-inch Panasonic plasma displays.

So far, industry for 100-plus-inch monitors was dominated by front projection TVs. Panasonic now realizes another choice in this field. Our 103-inch 1080p PDP claims high quality images with high brightness, dynamic distinction, high resolution and excellent color reproduction that projection features cannot match. We believe it will produce strong demand as a multipurpose display for company, educational and medical programs in addition to home entertainment use, mentioned Mr. For alternative ways to look at it, consider peeping at: amazon macbook case. Nagano, Director, PDP Device Business Unit of Panasonic AVC Networks Company..