A man care

We all know that polyester fiber has temporarily to inhibit the action of the sperm production.Polyester pants pants of electrostatic field is easy to cause pregnant women progesterone levels in the body, resulting in a miscarriage.Polyester will also produce electrostatic field in the penile tissue, which may explain why long-term wear polyester pants are decreased sexual function.So it is advisable to wear cotton underwear.And the characteristics of the testes, require low temperature environment, otherwise it will directly affect the sperm formation in the testicles, direct adverse effects on reproductive ability, this kind of injury, is directly proportional to the temperature, time and high temperature.Testicular temperature is lower than the temperature degrees Celsius is crucial.Usually best empty pure cotton underwear, open hole scrotum Lou in the outside, cool, restore the scrotum natural scaling, promote the secretion of testosterone, also can make the middle-aged men, energetic, sexual function after enhancement (bulls genital pills)
  Press the navel strong kidney before sleep.Navel is the CV 8 point in TCM acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sexual function decline is mainly caused by liver and kidney function abate, moxibustion on navel (CV 8 point) can enhance the metabolism of the two organs, thus promote the sexual ability strong.So, it is recommended that a man, every night before going to bed with your index finger on the navel 5 to 7 minutes.Also can use the "smoke moxibustion" of course, is a lighted cigarette nearer the navel, when feel burning, quickly, repeat 10 times (Super Tiger - X)