Bring More Happiness in the House by Having a Golden Retriever

Every breed of dog has its own special qualities. A Golden Retriever is the best choice if you want to own a dog that is pleasant, dependable, trustworthy, kind, and confident. The reason why they are called retriever is because they do not damage the items you ask them to get. Each day you spend with them, you will discover what a great companion they are. From its kind nature to its outstanding qualities, you surely would want to get one.

Their breed is large-sized. Their slightly wavy coats differ from light to dark shades of gold. Normally, a female retriever?s height is 55-57 while male retrievers are 56-61 centimeter. The male retrievers weigh around 29kg to 34kg. Females, on the flip side, are much lighter with a scale of 32kg. They enjoy playing in the water, but don?t worry because they are clever. One other reason why people love them is because they are very obedient. This is the reason why a Golden Retriever is simple to train. Golden Retrievers could only live up to a maximum of about 11 to 12 years.

Retrievers could survive cold seasons because of their thick inner coat, which keeps them warm. Also, they can protect themselves from being wet through their outer coat lying flat on their bodies. It is natural for Golden Retrievers to wander around, which means you might lose them if you are not monitoring their whereabouts. The finest option is to surround your house with high walls.

Bringing them with you outdoors to exercise will be good for their health. Feeding is simple because they are not selective eaters, which is beneficial because they are big. Spending two hours of exercise daily is enough. Retrieving games is a great option because apart from keeping the dog active, it is also entertaining. Give thought to their grooming, to make sure their coat is in good shape at all times. This depends on the ongoing season.

As for the notable skills of a Golden Retriever, they can guide blind individuals, they can hunt, sense, and they can even take part in search and rescue. These dogs are too friendly to attack a burglar that is why they are not a good option if you need a guard dog. They might bark, but they will not attack. Having them around small children is safe. Some of them are British, American, and the Canadian retrievers.

Veterinary healthcare visits are very necessary because a Golden Retriever is prone to various kinds of diseases. Aside from that, yearly exams on their overall health condition must be given serious attention. Cancer is the leading cause of death among retrievers. Glaucoma and cataracts are the conditions that affect their eyes. Another kind of condition that can kill them is heart disease. And because of their weight, they usually build up joint diseases as they age. Though it rarely happens, flea infection and other skin diseases may affect this breed if the owner is not mindful.

This amazing dog breed is among the best animal buddies, and there are still several things you have to know about them. All your care and attention to this dog will be worth it. The happiness in your home will increase if you have a Golden Retriever.