Some general information about dianabol

17 alpha alkylated steroid or dianabol can be taken orally and it has great effects in protein metabolism. It basically helps in synthesizing protein and thus helps in creating muscle at a very faster rate. In terms of both anabolic and androgenic effects, dianabol is too much powerful. This results in quick formation of not only great muscles and shapes but also gives a proper weight to the body. It is advisable to mix this compound with some testosterone products such as cypionate, enanthate and sustanon. Testosteron supplements are basically used to start the effects slowly and do not allow the male hormones to go down. In case of sustanon, you may not see visible results for several days. But after that, you can definitely see the results gradually rising up.

If you buy dianabol, and your weight is rising 2-3 pounds every week and if you are taking proper training with nutrition, then you are following a healthy procedure. But if anything goes off the track, then if may be too much dangerous to use dianabol for any longer period. Since dianabol has estrogenic properties, it is advisable to use anti-estrogenic drug as a counterpart. These include, nolvadex, clomid and in case if there is a possibility of gyno, then proviron may be used for this. As dianabol has a high aromatizing property, so it is advisable not to use by body builders. Especially when they are about to face any competition. The reason behind this is dianabol has got a capacity to retain high amount of water, which is very unlikely during the time of such performance.

Possible side effects

If you buy dianabol and keep the dosage below 15-20 mg per day, then there are fewer chances of side effects. There is even certain time when zero side effects is seen, depending upon the response of the body of the user. Dianabol falls in the category of 17-AA steroids which is highly recognized as liver toxic. So, one who is taking a higher dose, for him it is suitable to use an anti-liver toxic drug that minimizes its effect.

If you are taking a dose of 10mg per day, it creates some strain to the liver, but at the end of the day, your liver comes to its original shape and everything is thus neutralized. Using dianabol may also result in several acne related issues. So those who are having an oily skin and they have a tendency to form acne, it is good not to use dianabol.

If you are using this drug for a long time, then you cannot leave it completely as leaving it completely will result in great strength and muscle loss, weakness, loss of apetite etc. If you have a genetic hair loss problem, buying dianabol will increase its rate. One good side effect of dianabol is, it higher the level of confidence, self esteem, feel good and mood.

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