This is my first blog actually and i'm hoping to see how this works out. Football is my thing so i just talk about football. Funny how all of a sudden you pass through childhood and wonder how you ended up liking soccer. The best feeling is if you don't learn to like football but it's integrated within you from inception. That way you feel the passion, you feel the pain of a loss and the joy of a win. Once i locked myself for a whole day and didn't go to school just because my team lost the day before and people never understood. You do something crazy because of football and people will never understand because they don't and will never know the passion associated. A friend told me he uses football to run away from hunger because he starts watching football from 11.30am and before he knows it's 10pm and he still hasn't eaten,lol. Let football move you, let it dictate you,let football pass through you dear ones like me and just sit back,relax and enjoy the beautiful game of football.In my next blog, i write on my take on this weekends gameweek. I'm actually beginning to like this, lol.  THANK YOU!!!