The importance for accessories quality of a backpack

As the saying goes that small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs -- small but complete. For China wholesale personalized bags, they should provide high quality of backpack’s accessories when they sell their bags as these little products are also important for a backpack.


Accessories of a bag include waist buckle, all zippers, ribbon and fasteners, cover and bag fasteners, and other plug-belt. There are some famous manufacturers, such as YKK zipper manufacturers and YBS. YKK zipper is generally considered the top grade. Outdoor backpack zipper should be made with all metal and usually a zipper on mountaineering bags is Nos. 5 or 8. The quality of the backpack has a very large relationship with fastener. In addition, elastic band, elastic rope, and the rope on backpack are generally made by the PP which used in the package necking or other location. Under this situation, even you want to buy cheap and practical backpacks in China, the first thing you should pay attention to is its accessories quality. Plastic plate is an indispensable thing on mountaineering bag, which is generally used in the back to prevent the bag mess from hurting our back. Of course, you can use it on other parts. In general, 1M and 3M is generally mixed with semi-foaming and non-foaming points. If it is a foamed PE board; then there are some holes in the above, the smaller the greater of degree of hardness of the foam.


The principle is same for all bags. If you want to buy China customized messenger bag and tote bag for use, the importance of accessories quality also needs your attention.