X-box Murder

It just happened on August 6, 2004. A murder. At about 1am, six people were stabbed and then beaten for their deaths. This prodound article site has a pile of thrilling lessons for how to mull over it. The murdered victims were Michelle Ann Nathan, 19; Erin Belanger, 22; Francisco Ayo-Roman, 30; Anthony Vega, 34; Roberto Gonzalez, 2-8 and Jonathan Gleason, 1-7. In case you choose to identify additional info on robertaugust.com/shop/surftech-sups.html/, there are millions of online resources people could investigate. All of the patients were sleeping if the strike occurred. Based on reports, the subjects did not fight.

What on earth could have caused the heartless criminals to violently kill the afore-mentioned and two little dogs? The answer is just a X-box game. The murderers were squatting at one of many patients grandparents empty house. The boys became enraged, when some clothing and the X-box game were removed from your home, where they were staying illegally.

A clerk at Wal-Mart told investigators the group of criminals was joking and laughing about killing people. The team ordered football batsthis was just two days ahead of the heinous crime. What happened next was just gruesome. That was nearly two years before. This refreshing robertaugust.com web site has a pile of refreshing suggestions for where to allow for it. The trial, which had to be moved due to excessive press coverage, is about to get underway.

The prosecution is serious about seeking the death penalty if the defendants are convicted. To strengthen their case, they managed to get among the crew to change. His name is Robert Cannon, 19, and hes likely to spill the beans regarding the events on that fateful August morning. In exchange, a life sentence will be served by Cannon. The other three are Troy Victorino, 29; Michael Salas, 20 and Jerone Hunter, 20.

The team is facing six counts of first-degree murder, five counts of mutilating a dead body and a great many other felony crimes. Troy Victorino continues to be called the ringleader. Right before the critical attacks, he was arrested for beating his buddy in the face with a walking stick. Victorino was released over a pitiful $2,500 relationship. He was now free to co-ordinate and attack again.

Due to the evidence in-the prosecutions person, one can assume the defendants stand an excellent chance at acquiring capital punishment if convicted. Since Robert Cannon switched, the prosecution includes a great case. It will be an uphill fight for the security. The test is likely to last about two months. This trial was moved, due to the overwhelming media coverage, to St. Augustine..