Lack of erection?

Religious people go through this test at least once a year, but by as much as 7 weeks.

A devoutly religious people experience themselves on the strength of sexual abstinence 4 times a year, not counting the vows and penalties imposed by the confessor.

Long trips, illness of a spouse, a temporary "simple" in the affairs of the heart - so who knows what could plunge into the abyss of human sexual abstinence!

But what a sweet picture draws the imagination of man, when the long-awaited sex - very close. Only my reach and ...

And bummer!


After a long sexual abstinence among men often problems occur

Premature ejaculation - the first, and easiest problem that can overtake man after prolonged sexual abstinence.

What is required in this case from a woman? Yes, in general, nothing. The main thing - do not stoop to ridicule or stupid surprise. Give the man a break (if he wants to, of course) and - again in the battle! That's all solution.

Lack of erection - the second man trouble after a long sexual abstinence

Here is an incident, so incident! So wanted was flying, and suddenly ... guiltily limp "friend" - as a death sentence for a man.

What is required in this case from a woman? The care and attention. Kisses, light strokes.

Nor does it help? Leave the bedroom for a delicious candlelit dinner, take a shared shower. Make your sweet massage "just so", without any hint of further hotter sequel.

The lower the concentration of both in the absence of an erection, the greater the likelihood that all quickly adjusted.

But erection problems after a long sexual abstinence can have serious reasons


For Example:

Congestive prostatitis - a frequent consequence of a long sexual abstinence. Stagnation of sperm can cause changes in the prostate gland of men. That's why so insistently advise sexologists maintain a regular sex life without long sexual abstinence.

After frequent ejaculation is an excellent prevention of prostatitis, because the prostate is constantly cleaned.

What woman? Kitchen, bath, massage. Nor does it help? To the doctor!

Poor circulation in the penis of men. Regular erection - it's the same charge. Changing its position, a member of the men is saturated with oxygen. Rather, he is not a member, and the blood vessels of the penis. The long absence of erection can cause vasoconstriction and, as a consequence - partial impotence.

What woman? Kitchen, bath, massage. Nor does it help? To the doctor!

And the last thing that can overtake a man after a long sexual abstinence - impotence. Finally and irrevocably, diagnosed doctor.

That in this case a woman do? No ready-made recipes. Some - go, others live without experiencing much discomfort.