What Style Is - and What it Is Not

Home decor as such is of different types that depends upon the culture, the area or location of a region or country in which the folks lives. The style of home decor may change with time by assimilating the various cultures, fashions of the people that may settle in that particular area or area bringing with them their imported notions of home decor. Nevertheless, the kinds of decor can depend greatly on the rooms or house the householder is furnishing and the genuine fashions can change the insides of the home quite dramatically.

Among the many home decor fashions or subjects, the western home decor stands as a landmark of forms. The western home theme considers the solid wooden constructions and also the imagery of the old American style during the ending of the prior century.

During those days, handmade things were common on the American borders therefore it was quite natural to locate western home furnishings including rustic wooden furniture and antiques that are closely linked to the surrounding natural environment of the houses. The types of wood used for all kinds of furniture such as chairs, sofas, beds, and stools even for home building itself is derived from trees for example oak, pine, and cherry which are found in prosperity in the American continent. Uncontrolled uses of bricks along with stone tiles are used for decorating or assembling the houses to get the rustic look of western decor.

The colors discovered or used for coloring the outer and interior portions of the home as part of western decor theme or style including clay colour, sky blue, grey, natural green etc. are used to accentuate the wooden backdrop. The western home accessories that form the backdrop of the home decor really make this style a unique one. Accessories like wagons, cart wheels, horse shoes, bows and arrows of native Americans etc. when placed at suitable places within and outside the house brings in an authentic and elegant appearance. The other feature of this theme is the ornately carved kitchen cupboards and tables for the dining room.

The fabric or fabrics signifying the western theme or fashion contain art prints and designs that depict the variety of old west imagery consisting of wildlife like horses, ranches, crossing ranch fields, mountain ranges and cowboy motifs. The lighting that forms an important section of home decor consists of rock hearths and antler kind chandeliers. For kitchen or dining room, dried or fresh blossoms in an old milk jug set on a Shaker Style sideboard gives them a pure western appearance. The walls of the home with hangings such as skins and heads of the preserved animals like reindeer, bull also fits in this theme.