House Automation


House automation or smart home innovation can indicate different points to various people, from simple multi-room audio and also TELEVISION circulation to an entire home automation plan managing residence movie theater, sound and TELEVISION recording as well as distribution, lighting, home heating, safety and security, telephone, and so on

. Dianemo supplies a thorough, versatile and also budget friendly KNX domotica system that can provide an entire home remedy if that's what you desire, or if you are searching for a budget priced solution to merely just manage your illumination, TELEVISION or safety and security, Dianemo can do that also. The charm is if you would like to increase your system any time in the future it's easy to do.

The Dianemo 'nerve centre' possesses an outstanding bundle of functions as standard, you just have to choose what automated living means for you. There's a home automation system to suit your budget and your family's needs. Because the standard package can deliver a wide range of functionality, when it's time to extend the system all we have to do is some remote reconfiguration and connect any sort of new hardware. There may not also be any kind of need for more wiring. You can include new functions or merely enhance the number of rooms or areas covered by the alreadying existing system, or you can do both! Dianemo is provided to each area through a 'media manager' which can be either located centrally or locally in the zone it is supporting. Centrally located devices would normally be shelf positioned along with the 'nerve centre'. However a preferred alternative is for a smaller sized but equally powerful unit to simply be attached to the back of a TV or other discreet location.

Unlike many of the more traditional products Dianemo doesn't have to be developed into the textile of your home, so it's perfect for retrofitting as a residence enhancement. It's simpleness and versatility additionally means it's the suggested residence automation system for self-build as well as building designers.

Dianemo really sets the brand-new standard for automated living.

The Dianemo 'nerve centre' puts you in control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, window blinds, shutters as well as gates as well as all facets of home enjoyment such as home movie theaters, Televisions and also audio/visual distribution, recording as well as playback. Dianemo can even control Sky as well as Virgin Media around your house within the legal needs of the carriers, so you might not need a proliferation of Sky boxes.

The robust Linux based software is already compatible with lots of industry basic methods and can be included cater for any specific needs. KNX and Z-wave command is provided as part of the standard system.

A Dianemo home automation system puts you in control of your house from any place you have accessibility to the Net. It likewise offer you accessibility to the net wherever you have Dianemo!

Dianemo enables you customise your system to complement your household's lifestyle, and to make modifications as your needs change. For instance you might intend to use or eliminate parental commands or develop or transform scenarios around illumination or safety applications.

So, Dianemo truly could supply a home automation system that can do what you want it to do now as well as be capable of satisfying your changing requirements in the future. Just what's more, if you choose to relocate you can take your system with you.

A Dianemo home automation system places you in control of your house from wherever you have access to the Net. It also offer you access to the internet wherever you have Dianemo! see on your own