Greatest Moments At Comic Con san Diego 2013

There has been a great deal of news coming out in regards to the way ahead for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now we get to finally get our hands around the trailer for the end of Phase 2 with Age of Ultron. The movie enthusiasts are seeking more details on movies through movie reviews, majorly to decision on which movie to watch or keep themselves d about critics' opinions about their most favorite or not-so-favorite movies or just to produce fun of movies. This year was an much more important year because of the influence that Hollywood is having and the way comic books have turn into a huge part of popular culture. They have two villains to introduce in the form of Ultron, and Baron von Strucker. .

Not only does this film have new villains to introduce, but it also has it's great number of latest heroes to introduce. Chris Hemsworth attended high school at Heathmont Secondary Collage. A little about the movie.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Most comic book fans are suggesting which he will be playing Vision in the movie, but there exists a chance that he may actually play the primary villain Ultron. So a large amount of eyebrows were raised when it was announced that it might actually be a Captain Marvel movie. Speculation puts them on Ultron's side or brainwashed to become on his side or even pretending being on his side.

Star Wars has J. The fate of the earth hangs in to the balance once again, since the villainous Ultron sets his sights on our planet. The fate of the planet earth hangs to the balance once again, because the villainous Ultron sets his sights on our planet.