The New You

People say that looks are not everything, but let us face it, when we look good; it helps us to feel good. Often, rather than doing something about it, people just complain or wish it was different. Perhaps you might say that you do not have enough time to work out, or that you do not have time to prepare complicated meals, or that you cannot afford to go to the gym, or join a weight loss group. Does the task of not only losing weight, but keeping it off seem so daunting that you have not tried, but wish that you could? This is the book for you. This is where it will all change for you, so congratulations. Welcome to the book that will not only help you shed the weight, but keep it off as well. Getting healthy does not have to be a struggle; it does not have to be stressful. AUTHOR BIODaniel Michael lives in Seattle Washington, along with his wife and children.  In addition to being a father to two girls, he is also a personal trainer and dietician; as well as a fitness instructor for a local gym, specializing in beginning cardio classes and yoga.  He also is a guest speaker at health fairs and seminars, speaking about how to eat healthier.

The New You is a great guide to helping you lose weight in a healthy way. Author Daniel Michael has laid out a plan that will guide you through your weight loss goals in a way that is motivating and attainable.In this book you will be given advice on what foods are likely to sabotage your diet and what foods will help you to succeed. Daniel Michael also goes over diet myths to help you get out of bad cycles and familiar ruts. He also explains different supplements and how they will affect your weight loss. He shares with you weight loss secrets and ideas for meals. He maps out exercising, why we need it and how to do it. By providing in depth instruction on exercise we begin to see how we can truly change our bodies.Daniel Michael provides a comprehensive guide to weight loss with all the information you need to be successful. By eliminating guesswork and laying out a plan for you, Daniel Michael has eliminated the stress of losing weight. All you have to do is follow his method and the pounds will fall off. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to take control and achieve the weight loss they desire.