Axis Capital Group Expands Its Business to Jakarta

Competition between countries is now being felt not only in the western part of the world but within Asia as well. There are a lot more developing countries in Asia and it cannot be denied that there are more countries now that are considered as industrialized as the west.


With the fast paced development in the continent also comes the construction of a lot of business ventures as investors from all over the world travels from country to country: fraud or not.


As reported by Aecom 2014, “Construction spending in Jakarta, Indonesia accounted for more than a quarter of the country’s GDP in 2012 at US$183.8 billion. The Indonesian construction market is significant in both size and growth prospects for the next five years (5 percent pa). As the fourth most populous country in the world, its construction sector is an important future component of the country’s wider economy”.


Axis Capital Group can now provide its services and products to Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta which is considered as the fastest pacing country in Asia in terms of infrastructure and construction.


With its base in Singapore, the company, now in Jakarta, leases and sells high-quality construction equipment all over Asia since 1999. Their products range wide from cranes to excavators and other similar or related light and heavy construction equipment.


The company can provide wide selection of new and used machine units on sale and rental. The equipment delivered is assured to be dependable and cost-effective for the prospec