There are a lot of stuff that welearn in college and among them is a big lesson that we can’t be perfect. We learn that it is almost impossible to get 100% of everything. We are taught that at times we have to compromise and make do with 90% and at times even with 80%. This is a lesson that is we are reminded each time we get into assignments and examinations. Even in other areas outside the classroom for instance in sports we do not always achieve the perfection we desire. The friends we make are not perfect either they have their own set of flaws and weakness, but we love them all the same. This is why sites such as exist to help students overcome theirflaws in writing.

This is anobject lesson that we must never forget. We should carry it with us throughout life everywhere we go. If we try to be perfect and insist on perfection it will only create stress not only to the ones around but also to ourselves. If we go after the highest standards possible, we are most likely going to end up with a ton of frustrations. Therefore work hard have the right amount of determination and settle for the appropriate level of success in your day to day ventures.