Handyman Basics for you

Maintaining your home is not easy. Regular wear and tear will be an issue. So, it is good to have basic knowledge about the issues that can help you resolve issues by yourself.

There are a number of pesky problems that can be resolved with an easy little fix.

Today, we will help you understand the basics. This will save your time and money for the future. So, read them carefully. If you do not have enough time to read it now, bookmark it and read it as per your convenience.



Replacing tiles might look like an uphill task, but it isn’t. Earlier, one had to mix the adhesive, mask off countertops, lay the tiles and wait till it is set before grouting. Today, advancements in technology have helped people to get on track with no real efforts. Most of the hard work has been eliminated. If you check out some of the DIY videos, you will notice that the task is simple, and you can do it on your won.



Putting up a shelf is a clerical task, and you can do it on your own. However, it is important to have enough brackets handy that will help you support the weight to put on the shelf. It also depends on the make of the shelf.



Getting dirty and waiting all day watching paint dry was really irritating. However, today you can consider options like PaintStick and save time. So, you can avoid messy paint roller trays and money on painting your walls. Using the stick is not difficult because it is attached to a special paint lid that has a filler tube. On pulling the lever back, you will notice that the tube is filled with paint. Application of the same is traditional.

Using the stick, you can avoid a ladder and still manage to paint from the floor to ceiling.

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Drywall repair

Fixing drywall is even manageable if you can spend some time on research and planning. For this, you should figure out the drywall’s thickness.


Replacing Outlet Covers and Light Switches

Replacing them is not the most difficult thing on earth. You can save a handful of dollars by spending a couple of minutes on this job.

While removing the cover, pay close attention to the new cover. Place an insulated insert behind it.

Did you know? Switch and outlet covers are one of the reasons that contributed to air leaks in homes. Insulating them will help because you save a lot more money and energy than what you assume you would without it.

Bonus tip: Don’t tighten the cover with extra power. Tightening the covers too much can cause the cover to crack.

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