Steel truss displays for sale

We have even sold a truss system to be used as a model of an emergency vehicle for training purposes at a major university. Another time, we used stage truss to display games and monitors for a major game industry retailer. Any time structure and framework is needed in a display, truss is a worthy choice.Truss displays can be configured in limitless ways using a huge array of different sized trade show truss cross sections, radius sections, straight sections along with specialty corners, t's and x's. Because of this, countless shapes can be designed from simple arches, perimeters and rings to complex display walls, towers and custom island configurations.

Truss has a modern and classic look all tied into one. Because of the many design options, truss can look high-tech, modern and follow classical lines of symmetry. Truss display exhibits can be uniquely one of a kind. They can be the focus, an accent or blend into the background. The best of both worlds.

Truss is perfect for hanging all types of graphics. It forms the perfect back drop for huge, high impact graphics or simple banners. Attachment is achieved in a variety of ways ranging from standard Velcro and magnets to specialty clips. Large, monolithic images can be displayed with ease using display steel truss as a giant banner stand or simple vinyl banners can be affixed to the top of an arch, serving as an entry way into an event. Get your message up high by using a centralized tower with graphics. Add lighting for a wall wash, spigot trusses or back light effect.

Found in 2001,RK has three manufacturer based in Taishan,Dongguan,Foshan respectively with more than 1000 employees. With 15 years of experience in audio and staging business,as well as continuously creative new production,RK's products have been up to the international standards. If you want to buy steel truss displays or do some stage business,don't hesitate,welcome to our website.