Realtor In Magnolia TX: What First-Time Home Buyers Should Think About

If you’re ready to live the American dream and purchase your first home, you should start by working with a professional realtor in Magnolia TX.  A professional realtor can help you find the right home and can guide you through the process of buying a home so that your experience isn’t just smooth but fun, too.  A realtor can help you to come up with a realistic set of wants and needs for a new home that will streamline your search so that you don’t tour homes that aren’t a good fit.

To find the right fit, the first thing you need to ask yourself is how much space you really need.   If you’re single or are a couple with no children (and with no plans for a change in that status that you can foresee), then you can probably do with a home that’s a little smaller.  You might even consider a townhome or condominium that will also be low on exterior upkeep. There’s no need to pay for square footage you don’t need.  If you plan on adding children to your family, then buy a home you can grow into even if it’s a little too big right now.

If you’re a married couple with children, you should plan on buying a bigger home, one that doesn’t just have enough bedrooms for the children you have, but one that will be big enough to not feel claustrophobic as the children grow.  Your next step is to figure out exactly how much you want to spend.  Assuming you have already seen your banker or mortgage lender to find out how big a mortgage you qualify for, you must decide if you want to spend that maximum amount or if you want to spend a little less.  Just because your lender says you can have a certain amount of money doesn’t mean you should necessarily spend that amount.

Although the choice of how much money you spend on a home is yours, your realtor in Magnolia TX can be a great source of information when it comes to estimating how much any renovations or repairs might cost or how much you might expect your monthly utility bills to be.  Once you have these figures in front of you, you’ll know how much will be left for your actual mortgage payment every month.  It can be very tempting to go with a higher mortgage payment now to get a bigger house or a house in a better location, especially if you’re upwardly mobile and you expect that in the future, your current house payment will be a ‘drop in the bucket.’  You don’t, however, want to be too house-poor right now just because you expect the future to be brighter financially.

If you’re ready to own your first home or townhouse or condominium, call Shelly Shillings at (936) 234-0825.  Shelly is the realtor in Magnolia TX who can answer all of your questions and lead you smoothly through the home-buying process.  You can also start your search online at

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