Mobile Applications are set to rule 2015 and beyond as per the Statistics

Mobile Applications are set to rule 2015 and beyond as per the Statistics

As of now, the app users spend over 30 hours per month on more than 24 apps (on an average).

Below is the detailed statistics of mobiles, apps and users:

  • 68% of application downloaders are literally using their apps.

  • 57% of app users have reported that they use paid apps on daily basis.

  • 51% of users are staunched with app usage once in a week.

  • 31% of app users use over 6 app for a week.

  • 24% of downloaders are being engaged with their apps for more than 30 minutes in a day.

  • Nearly half of the globe’s population will be having a smartphone by 2017.

  • As estimated, users of mobile internet may reach up to 3.8 billion within 2020.

Usage stats on paid app users:

These days, app users are not only running behind free applications, as they are completely aware of the benefits of paid apps with the advancements in the current trends of mobile application development technology. So, the count of paid app users is surging up day by day.

  • 46% of smartphone users are using paid apps

  • 52% of the users reported that they haven’t paid more than $5 for apps

  • 17% of app users said that they have paid more than $20 for apps

  • People aged 30 or more, college graduates, people earning $50,000 or more and those who are living in urban places are more likely to pay for apps.

Expected growth of app revenue:

The most effective way to generate app revenue is in-app purchases or in-app ads. This is growing by 60% every year and is also expected to exceed the revenue gained from PC’s through online ads, by 2017.

  • Presently, apps generate the revenue of $11.4 billion and it is estimated to reach up to $24.5 billion by 2016.

  • By 2015, 1 paid app user will be there for every 3 customers.

  • In-app purchases will generate the total app revenue of about 48%, by 2017.

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